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First, you have to register at our educational social media website


Select Account Type

During registration process, you should select your account type like Student/Institute


Start Learning/Sharing

Once you will have your account then login to your account and start sharing and learning.

What We Have For The Students?

There is a lot of things that students could do with the Not solely will they convey with international students,
they’ll gain from others’ wisdom and experiences, participate in chatrooms, share concepts and solutions and study the various diverse cultures out there.

Learn & Share

Student can convey with international students, they’ll gain from others’ wisdom and experiences, participate in chatrooms, share concepts and solutions.

Online Group Discussion & Debate

Students could be in a far placeshowever through the internet, they’ll be joined to students in more populated areas to debate and discuss diverse topics.

Online Exams, Solutionss & Discussions

Here at, you can have access to differnt type of tests, solutions and discussions from many number of institutions and students themselves.


Students Registered


Institutions Joined


Qualified Teachers


Exams Hosted

Features For Institutions?

While the internet does plenty for students, there also are advantages for parents and academics. The interactive learning that the internet provides will facilitate students and parents with very little or no English skills to learn English.


Faculty Registration

Teachers have the possibility to be ready to teach at quite one place at the same time. They will be in a far placeshowever through the internet.


Student-Faculty Conversation

Close2Study is capable enough to facilitate the communication process between students and faculty using texts, videos and e-mails.


Online Courses

Teachers could befits the various learning styles and within the classroom. They’ll conjointly set their own pace of teaching over internet.


Other Activities

Institutes can organise their own Exams and could also provide solutions with detailed discussions with an option to ask queries..

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of some questions and doubts that one can have
while using our educational social media platform

Yes! has been started with an aim to educate the generation-X of India through the means of their communication like Internet and social media.
Yes! is completely free and will always remain free with all it services. No charges will be taken ever.
Our team of support representatives are just one call away from you. Once you make a call we will be there 24/7 to solve your problems.
Yes! you can attend any type of examination, debate or discussion that is going on our digital platform.
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